Stage 2B Lymphoblastic Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma
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Meet Alain Alferez García, a 14-year-old boy currently battling Stage 2B Lymphoblastic Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Alain and his family relocated from Peru to the United States in July 2022. While living in Peru, there were concerns about Alain's health, but his family never anticipated that he was fighting cancer. They discovered a lump in his neck, but the initial medical treatment proved ineffective. However, after moving to the United States, Alain's persistent pain led them to seek proper care, and on February 19th, 2023, the family received the devastating news of Alain's diagnosis.

Upon learning about Alain's diagnosis, the García family's world was turned upside down. "At that moment, we felt like our world was crumbling, and we feared that our son's dreams would never come true. We struggled with how to break the news to him, that his life would be drastically altered by cancer," shared Alain's mother. The family's decision to come to America was driven by the desire to offer their children a better life, but now they find themselves facing a challenging battle.

Since the diagnosis, Alain has found it extremely challenging to attend school. The constant pain and discomfort make it difficult for him to participate, hindering his progress in learning the English language and connecting with new friends.

Moving to South River has turned out to be a blessing in disguise for the García family. Our community stands strong in times of need, rallying together to support those in distress. Alain and his family deeply appreciate this, recognizing that being in this town has granted them access to exceptional doctors, nurses, social workers, friends, and teachers. The family, along with FSF, extends their gratitude to Ms. Roque for connecting them and facilitating this meeting. 

Fightstrong Foundation had the pleasure of donating a brand new PS5 to Alain, along with GTA V, FIFA 2023, an additional controller, a headset, and a PS5 online membership so that he can play with his friends. The generous contribution brought a bright smile to Alain's face, providing him with a source of joy and entertainment during his challenging journey.

In addition to the gaming console, Alain's sister, a senior at SRHS, had the desire to take her brother to prom. We reached out to The Clothing Center and were able to get a tuxedo donated for Alain, which allowed the two to go to their first ever prom.

A note from Alain’s mother.


Every passing day fills me with immense gratitude, knowing that our unplanned arrival in this country has become the primary backdrop for my son's health journey. Had we remained in our home country of Peru, we understand that the level of medical care he receives here would not have been possible.

During challenging moments, we often question the presence of God. Yet, it's crucial to remember that the teacher remains silent during the exam.

Bravery does not entail the absence of fear but rather embracing it and persevering nonetheless. We discover our true strength when being strong becomes our sole option to move forward.

Keep pushing, my Favorite Warrior, for you will overcome this obstacle, and one day you will proudly proclaim...


We know that Alain will overcome this battle. We love you and we will continue to pray and be a shoulder for you!

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