Antonia & Sebastian

Invasive Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Stage 2B, Lung Cancer
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Antonia & Sebastian

Meet Antonia, a resilient 67-year-old who has weathered the storm of lung cancer with unwavering courage and determination. Antonia's journey began in August 2022 when she received the unexpected diagnosis of Invasive Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Stage 2B. Despite having no symptoms, Antonia's cancer was detected during a routine cancer screening, catching her and her family by surprise. 

Swift action followed as Antonia underwent surgery to remove a 7mm tumor from her left upper lobe. Post-surgery, she embarked on a rigorous series of chemotherapy sessions, commencing in October 2022 and concluding triumphantly in February 2023. However, her road to recovery faced challenges with hospital visits due to dehydration, elevated heart rate, and anemia. 

Optimism prevailed as Antonia's scans post-chemo revealed a cancer-free status, prompting a switch to immunotherapy to deter cancer recurrence. Yet, adversity struck again in September 2023 when Antonia learned of the return of her lung cancer. Stronger chemotherapy ensued, but the battle proved arduous with hospital stays, infections, ICU transfers, and a decline in her physical abilities.

Despite her valiant efforts, Antonia made a heartfelt decision to transition to Hospice care, prioritizing quality time with her loved ones. Since then, she has been relishing precious moments with family, engaging in joyful activities, and savoring life's simple pleasures. As Antonia savors these moments, her family stands by her side, hoping for positive outcomes as her husband, Sebastian, awaits biopsy results for thyroid cancer.

Antonia's story is a testament to strength, resilience, and the power of cherished moments shared with loved ones. As she embraces each day with grace, Antonia inspires us all to cherish the present and find joy in the company of those we hold dear. 

In addition to Antonia's journey, we had the privilege of meeting her daughter, Vanessa, who shared Antonia's dream of revisiting New York City to experience Aladdin on Broadway and take a carriage ride around Central Park. Years ago, Antonia had cherished this experience, and Vanessa wanted to recreate this memorable moment for her mother.

Filled with admiration for Antonia's courage, we were honored to contribute to this dream by donating Aladdin Broadway tickets, arranging a delightful carriage ride, and organizing a special lunch at Carmine's. Vanessa's love and determination to make this dream a reality spoke volumes about the resilience and unity of their family. 

During our discussions, we learned that Antonia's husband, Sebastian, may also be facing a cancer diagnosis. Moved by their strength and love for each other, we realized that Vanessa planned to take both her parents to the city for this memorable experience. In response, we gladly provided an additional ticket, ensuring that Vanessa could join her parents in reliving this cherished moment together.

As Antonia and her family embrace each moment, they exemplify the strength found in cherishing cherished moments and creating lasting memories together. We stand with them in their journey, wishing them many more beautiful days filled with love, joy, and cherished moments.

We love you both and will continue to pray that each day is filled with high energy and longevity!

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