Breast Cancer, Estrogen/Progesterone & Negative HERS2 (++-)
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Meet Claudia Gil, who is currently battling Estrogen/Progesterone & negative HERS2 (++-). Claudia’s story began when she was on her way to get her yearly mammogram – something she has been doing for the past nine years.

Six months prior to the checkup, Claudia was experiencing extreme tiredness and mixed emotions. It was odd because she never felt tired and always was positive to those around her. But during those six months, something was just off; and when she went to get her blood checked, everything looked normal.

Once she arrived home from her checkup, she received a phone call from the breast center stating that the radiologist read her test and that they needed to do an ultrasound ASAP. Claudia went for the ultrasound and received a phone call the following day letting her know that her results were “suspicious” and that she needed to now meet with a cancer specialist.

“I began to panic; I was worried, scared, and in disbelief. How do I tell my 20-year-old son and my 12-year-old daughter that I have cancer?” – Claudia

Claudia then met with the cancer specialist, where she got her bloodwork done. This then prompted her into a biopsy, which ultimately led to her diagnosis of Estrogen/Progesterone & negative HERS2 (++-) aggressive fast growth @ 2cm and 2 spreadable molecules growth. On July 26th, 2023, Claudia had a left breast lumpectomy, where the surgeons removed 3 central lymph nodes, as well as the 4 that the cancer had already spread to. Claudia is still recovering from this surgery, as it was an eight-week recovery. A lot of struggles have come with the surgery – it was a life changing surgery as she must adjust how she lives her everyday life.

After waiting a few weeks for her treatment plan, Claudia finally got word that she will radiation, along with daily hormonal therapy pills for the next 5-10 years. This is good news as she needs no chemotherapy! Claudia was set to start radiation, but she then learned that she had a breast infection, which now delayed the treatments to start within the next four weeks.

Fightstrong Foundation had the opportunity and pleasure of donating a juicer/blender, fresh fruits and foods to help keep her nutrition up, and gift cards to help her provide for her family as she goes through her treatments. 

Claudia has a new outlook on life – she stated, “One thing that kept me going was that I had asked the question ‘why me’, but I quickly shifted and thought ‘why others’.”

We love you and we will continue to pray for you. We will always be here for you and cannot wait to see you officially cancer free!

A note from Claudia.

I just want to say again THANK YOU for all the positive encouragement you had left in my heart.

I’ve been supporting Breast cancer bicycle rides for the last 8 years riding 30 miles, but I never imagined I would be going through this myself.

I’ve had lost family to cancer; on my 49th birthday my father was diagnosed with lung cancer, while my first cousin was fighting for her life, where she sadly passed away.

My parents and my whole family work in Portugal. It is only my children and I, but I fortunate enough to have great friends and the town of South River by my side.

I was fortunate enough to catch this at stage.  Get your Mammogram every 12 months and be sure to pay attention to your overall body signs.

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