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Meet Olivia, a three-year-old cancer survivor! When Olivia was just eighteen months old, she was diagnosed with Stage 3 Sacrococcygeal Teratoma, which started in her coccyx and later spreading to her lower spine. 

Once Olivia’s family noticed that she wasn’t voiding and producing wet diapers, the family took her to the Jersey Shore Medical Center. When they were there, Olivia began to lose her ability to walk, prompting the doctors to order an MRI and additional tests. Upon examination of the tests, the doctors were able to confirm that it was cancer. 

The family was transferred to CHOP, where Olivia underwent four rounds of chemotherapy, consisting of four different chemo drugs which were administered over five consecutive days. Staying in the hospital for fifty-one straight days, Olivia completed her chemotherapy treatment. From here, she underwent surgery to remove the coccyx and teratoma.

Fast forward to today, Olivia has no evidence of disease, but she continues to be monitored every two to three months which consists of bloodwork and MRI’s. In addition to her checkups, Olivia does physical therapy and sees specialists for nerve damage in her bowels and bladder.

In our visit with Olivia and her mom, Katie, we learned how much life she has. She is absolutely filled with so much excitement, positivity, understanding, and happiness. We were able to donate an iPad, clothes, and more Barbie dolls, toys, and most importantly, her new Barbie camper.

Perhaps our favorite part of the visit is when “Mr. Joe” told her that he had chemo too – with a big smile on her face, she said “You did? Why?”. We were able to tell her I was sick, just like her, and we both are okay now. She was so happy to connect with someone that went through something like her.

Olivia, we are beyond happy that you are CANCER FREE! We absolutely cannot wait to see your long, beautiful life unfold. The future is so bright. We love you so much and will forever be in your corner!