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Raising Spirits

On December 30th, 2022, Fightstrong had the honor of donating 4 TVs, a Nintendo Switch, and 2 Xbox Series S to the Pediatrics Unit of Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey, where Joseph received his chemotherapy treatments. When Joseph received his treatment, his nurse moved him to the back left corner of the office because he hated seeing kids and even babies going through something similar, or worse than him. During this time, his grandparents had gifted him an iPad, so he had something to do during treatment and it really helped time pass. Due to the COVID pandemic, the hospital had to take away toys and other items that kids could play with – the office became a harder place to come to. Joseph wanted to donate something that when kids came for their treatments or checkups, they could walk in and be a little less afraid to face what they had to that day.

When Joseph and his family members carted the gifts into the office, the few kids that were there were so excited. One kid even asked his mom if he could stay longer, something he had never asked to do. This kid, Timothy, asked Joseph if he could play a game of Madden with him on the new Xbox.

“It was one of the best moments of my life. Seeing a little boy not be afraid of being in that office was amazing. Just by talking to Timothy and his mother, I know that he will overcome what he is battling.” – Joseph Nigro

Being able to give back to the doctors and kids that helped Joseph overcome his illness meant the world to him. He knows that the doctors of the Pediatric Unit will continue to save the lives of these patients. We hope that these items help the treatment days or checkup days become a little less scary. We also hope friends can be made through a common battle.