Fightstrong Foundation 3rd annual golf outing

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Start the day right with our Breakfast Sponsorship at $2,000. This sponsorship provides exclusive signage at the breakfast seating area, offering prime visibility. Join the event for networking opportunities and ensure your brand is a part of the morning experience.

Key Features:

  • Exclusive Signage: As the Breakfast Sponsor, you'll enjoy exclusive signage at the breakfast seating area. This strategic placement ensures that your brand receives maximum visibility and exposure among attendees, making a lasting impression during this key part of the event.
  • Event Participation: Participating in the event as a Breakfast Sponsor opens doors to valuable networking opportunities. Engage with attendees, build relationships, and showcase your brand's offerings in a dynamic and interactive environment, fostering meaningful connections that can lead to future partnerships and collaborations.
  • Special Recognition: Receive special acknowledgment during lunch and the awards ceremony as a testament to your company's support and commitment to the event. This recognition highlights your brand's contributions and reinforces your presence as a key supporter of the event, earning appreciation from both attendees and organizers.
  • Engagement Opportunity: While the previous bullet point was struck through in the provided content, setting up a dedicated table at the event remains an excellent engagement opportunity. It provides a direct avenue to showcase your business offerings, engage with attendees, and create memorable interactions that can leave a lasting impact on potential clients, partners, and industry peers.
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