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Your support can provide hope, comfort, and essential resources to those battling cancer. By being here, you've taken the first step in changing lives. A donation is a powerful act of kindness, making a lasting impact on individuals facing this disease. Your contribution ensures vital services and emotional support, helping everyone affected by cancer face the challenge with strength. Together, we create a world where everyone has the resources needed to overcome this disease. Please consider donating today—your generosity makes a meaningful impact. Thank you for your support!
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What We Have Done in the Fight Against Cancer

Explore the tangible impact we've made by delving into the numbers and details that highlight our accomplishments, visualizing the scale of our contributions and providing a clear picture of the positive changes we've brought about in various areas.

Amount Donated

Since September of 2022, Fightstrong Foundation has been able to donate over $20,000 in cherishable items to those battling cancer.
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Families Supported

Since September of 2022, Fightstrong Foundation has been able to donate to over 30 families, providing their dreams and more.
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How Our Money is Spent

Outside of our operational costs, we believe that the money we spend should only be used to have an impact in a cancer patient's life.
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