Fightstrong Foundation 3rd annual golf outing

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Elevate your brand from the first swing with the Golf Ball Sponsorship at $2,250. Be the company that hands each golfer a sleeve of Vice golf balls upon arrival, ensuring prominent branding throughout the round. Join us in creating an immersive and personalized experience for all participants.

Key Features:


  • Logo on Vice Golf Balls: Get your company logo prominently featured on a sleeve of Vice golf balls distributed to each golfer upon arrival. This provides lasting visibility as golfers use these branded balls throughout the round, ensuring repeated exposure for your brand during the event.

  • Dedicated Table Setup: As an Eagle sponsor, you can set up a dedicated table at the event to showcase your business offerings. This setup provides a direct avenue for engaging with attendees, allowing you to make a memorable impression and establish meaningful connections with potential clients and partners.

  • Logo on "Top Sponsors" Banner: Showcase your logo prominently on the "top sponsors" banner, grabbing the attention of all event participants. This strategic placement ensures that your brand stands out as a key supporter of the event, reinforcing your presence and commitment to the golfing community.

  • Foursome Inclusion: Enjoy the privilege of one foursome, enabling your company to field a team of golfers and actively participate in the tournament. This inclusion not only strengthens team bonds within your organization but also provides valuable networking opportunities with fellow participants on the golf course.

  • Special Recognition: Receive special acknowledgment during the lunch break and award ceremony. This recognition highlights your brand's support and contributions to the event, showcasing your commitment and garnering appreciation from event attendees, organizers, and fellow sponsors.

  • Strategic Sign Placement: Have one sign with your logo strategically placed on each course, enhancing your brand's presence throughout the event. This strategic placement maximizes visibility on both courses, creating a lasting impact on golfers and spectators alike, and reinforcing your brand's association with the event.

This needs to be purchased 6-8 weeks before July 29th. 

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