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Forge an indelible connection with our Headcover Sponsorship, an engaging opportunity at a cost of $7,500. This sponsorship provides a range of advantages that underscore your brand's significance. Engage with two included foursomes, allowing two teams from your company to participate in the event. Your brand's identity will shine through on all promotional materials, reinforcing your collaboration. Leave a lasting impression as your logo graces driver headcovers, cherished keepsakes given to every golfer, alongside the emblem of the "Fightstrong Foundation." Personally connect with attendees by setting up a table, offering a platform to spotlight your business. Further elevate your brand's visibility with logo placement on the "top sponsors" banner and two strategically positioned signs on each course, ensuring resonance throughout the event.

Key Features:

  • Team Engagement: Enjoy participation with two included foursomes for active involvement.
  • Brand Identity: Shine through on all promotional materials, reinforcing your brand's collaboration.
  • Emblem on Headcovers: Leave a lasting impression with your logo on driver headcovers, a cherished keepsake for every golfer.
  • Direct Connection: Engage attendees personally by setting up a dedicated table to showcase your business.
  • Banner Recognition: Logo on the "top sponsors" banner for prime visibility.
  • Logo on Flag: Display your logo on the flag on all holes for both the Palmer and Banks courses, ensuring direct engagement with golfers.

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