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Meet Kaitlyn, a 25-year-old who is currently battling Stage 3 Triple Negative Breast Cancer. Kaitlyn was diagnosed in January of 2022 and since the cancer was very aggressive and fast growing, she had to begin treatment right away. For the next six months, she received chemotherapy and immunotherapy treatments.

While Kaitlyn was receiving her chemotherapy treatments, she found herself in the hospital due to neutropenic sepsis, appendicitis, and dangerously low hemoglobin. The recovery process began right away with blood transfusions, an appendectomy, and a ton of antibiotics. This was a lot to handle, which led to Kaitlyn taking time off from work. She later had a lumpectomy surgery to remove the final bit of cancer. 

Kaitlyn soon found out that she did not have a complete response to the chemo, which led to the tumor rapidly grow back. Thankfully, her lymph nodes had no cancer! She was set to begin radiation treatment, but then had a local recurrence shortly after her surgery – due to this, Kaitlyn had a double mastectomy with expander placement.

Kaitlyn is now recovering and is in great spirits! She is finally set to begin her radiation treatment, which will consist of treatment once every three weeks, for the next year. During her recovery from surgery, Fightstrong had the pleasure of gifting her a gift basket. “After my surgery, Michelle and Joseph brought me the nicest care package with snacks and other goodies that helped with my recovery.  It’s so awesome of them to start the Fightstrong Foundation to help cancer survivors and thrivers.  Thank you so much Michelle and Joseph!” – Kaitlyn.

We are constantly praying for Kaitlyn. We know that she will overcome her fight! We love you and are here for you every step of the way!