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Meet Rosanna, a 50-year-old mother battling Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Her journey began when she noticed redness under her left armpit, which eventually spread to her breast. As days went along, it became very painful to touch and even to put pressure on. Once her pain worsened, she visited the emergency room, but they did not feel alarmed and believed it to be a skin infection. However, the pain and the redness did not go away. Rosanna then went to her family doctor, but again, they did not believe it was cancer – they felt that it may be shingles. But her doctor decided to send her for a mammogram anyways.

After her mammogram and biopsies of the breast and lymph nodes in her arm pit, they diagnosed her with cancer. With it being Inflammatory Breast Cancer, Rosanna had to begin treatment right away, due to it being a very fast-growing cancer. The news was, of course, shocking and she was so upset and did not know how to tell her four boys what she was going through. The family was scared and did not know what they had in store for them – but they had their mom’s back and helped her all throughout her journey.

“I told my boys they needed to keep their normal lifestyles in order for me to feel the most like myself during this difficult time.” – Rosanna

With all the love and support the family has received, Rosanna has been able to get through her battle in a positive way. In August of 2022, she completed her first round of chemotherapy. On her 50th birthday, she had a left mastectomy, where the doctors unfortunately found more cancer cells. Right when she believed she was finishing up, she was right back to chemotherapy treatments, but now with radiation for six straight weeks. She officially finished her chemotherapy in July of 2023!

Rosanna is now waiting to have her reconstructive surgery, which is scheduled for February 19th. She knows that this is another fight she must face, which allowed us to help her out. Rosanna provided us a list of groceries and let us know that she knows it is going to be difficult to keep up with the house cleaning during her recovery. We are happy that we were able to provide her the full list of groceries, in bulk, while also providing her cleaning services for the few weeks during her recovery!

Rosanna is going to keep battling whatever is thrown his way! We will keep her in our prayers as she not only faces her surgery, but also praying that she remains cancer free! We love you!