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Joey is a 21 year old who was diagnosed with Stage 2A Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in September 2022. In October 2021, Joey was diagnosed with Pulmonary Embolisms and was in the ICU for 10 days. After that he had multiple chest scans throughout the year in which they discovered enlarged lymph nodes in his chest, which led to his HL diagnosis.

Joey just finished his 8th and final round of chemotherapy on New Years Eve. Throughout his treatment Joey kept up with his school work and successfully finished his fall semester at Seton Hall.

"I would like to thank Fightstrong, Joey, and Michelle for all the support and guidance they provided us throughout my battle." - Joey Mellet

Joey couldn’t have done it without all the support from his family & friends! Throughout the duration of his battle with cancer, Fightstrong Foundation was able to provide emotional support.

We are so proud and happy for Joey! We will continue to provide anything him and his family needs!