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Meet Lauren Frias, a young woman whose life took an unexpected turn in March of 2023. She began experiencing consistent chest pain, night sweats, and trouble breathing. A trip to the emergency room followed by scans revealed a large tumor just above her heart, pressing on her main artery and sternum. This discovery was a shock to her family, sparking worries about what might come next.

After consulting a cardiothoracic surgeon, Lauren was diagnosed with diffuse large B-cell non Hodgkin's lymphoma. This news changed her path, leading her to an oncologist and setting her on a fast-paced journey of battling the illness.

Right in the middle of her college semester, at Fairleigh Dickinson University, and her dream of becoming a nurse, Lauren faced the challenge of fighting her diagnosis. It was a tough time, but she held onto her belief that this wasn't the end of her story.

In May, her treatment began, and remarkably, she managed to finish her semester on time despite the odds. Summer became a time for her to focus on her health, and with the support of her family, friends, and the Fightstrong Foundation community, she found the strength to face the difficulties with courage.

Looking forward, Lauren's goal is to overcome her diagnosis, complete her treatment, and pursue her nursing career, aiming to work with children who are also dealing with cancer. Though her journey has been far from easy, this experience has given her a new perspective on being a patient and fighting for her life.

In the future, she hopes to inspire others she meets along the way, helping them see beyond their diagnosis and finding the faith to keep fighting for the life they want. Lauren's story is one of resilience, and she aims to share that resilience with others, offering a glimmer of hope in the face of challenges.

Amidst this challenging time, Fightstrong Foundation had the honor of stepping in to offer support. We were able to donate an iPad and accessories to Lauren, providing her with a tool to help navigate her senior year of college and her medical journey.

Fightstrong Foundation will continue to be by your side! We love and pray for you!