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Nancy Roque

Meet Nancy Roque, a devoted wife, mother, teacher, volunteer, and resilient advocate in South River. In 2019, she faced the challenge of a breast cancer diagnosis, embarking on a year-long journey of chemotherapy and undergoing four surgeries, all while maintaining an unwavering smile. Recently, despite receiving news of elevated numbers, she continues to undergo preventive treatment with incredible strength.

Nancy's dedication extends beyond her own battles; she remains a pillar of support for others. As a teacher, she understands that education goes beyond the classroom, teaching from the heart. Her contributions span family, church, and community, and her infectious smile transcends language barriers. Mrs. Roque embodies resilience, inspiring those around her with her unwavering spirit and commitment to making a positive impact.

In acknowledgment of Nancy's strength and her vital role in our community, Fightstrong Foundation had the honor of donating a gift card to Studio Lorena Fantecele, a place she frequents for beauty appointments. This contribution is particularly meaningful to us as Nancy has not only assisted us as a translator with a patient but has also been a cornerstone of support for Joseph during his treatments. Her impact extends beyond the classroom, creating enduring connections within our community. 

Mrs. Roque, we are always in your corner. We know that you will continue to overcome any challenge that is thrown your way, while still making a huge impact on so many people! We love you!