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Meet Nicholas, a brave young warrior who faced a profound challenge at the tender age of 18 months. On December 29, 2022, he received the devastating diagnosis of ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia).

Nicholas's journey into the world of cancer began unexpectedly. He was scheduled for a routine 18-month check-up, but the results of his blood work painted a different picture. His pediatrician, upon reviewing the lab results, recommended that Nicholas be taken to the ER. Nicholas didn't display alarming symptoms before this, but he occasionally fell ill and experienced night sweats (visible only through his hair, not his lower body). However, these symptoms hadn't raised significant concerns before consulting his pediatrician.

The following day, after a night in the hospital, Nicholas underwent a bone marrow procedure, which confirmed the presence of blood cancer. The news was undoubtedly challenging for his family to bear. In the weeks that followed, Nicholas and his family spent their days at the hospital. The medical team quickly arranged a surgery to place a small port beneath his skin, making it easier to administer the necessary treatments.

Nicholas's treatment journey began with 29 consecutive days of chemotherapy delivered through the port and into his spine. It was a rigorous start to what would be a 2.5-year-long battle against the disease. He received chemotherapy through his port, in his spine, and orally, each form aimed at targeting the cancer in its own way.

In the midst of this challenging time, we stepped in, providing essential support to Nicholas and his family. They generously donated clothes, shoes, necessary items like diapers and food, and even a Nintendo Switch with games to brighten Nicholas's days.

Though Nicholas may not recall the details of his early fight, his parents will always remember this challenging period in their lives. They are deeply grateful for the efforts of the Fightstrong Foundation in supporting families like theirs during the trials of cancer.

Nicholas, with the unwavering love and support of his family, is embarking on a courageous journey to overcome leukemia. His future is bright, and one day, he and his family hope to give back to others who are also navigating the challenging world of cancer.

Fightstrong Foundation is honored to be part of Nicholas's journey and stands by his side as he continues to fight and overcome the challenges that lie ahead. We cannot see the beautiful life Nicholas has in store. We love you, buddy.